Abstract Vitruvian man, in honour of Leonardo

VinciLingua is an open-access teaching and learning environment based on the concepts of exploration and generation. Unlike typical approaches based on canned (and therefore static) teaching materials, in VinciLingua, questions, answers and analyses are generated in real time from a grammar. The software behind VinciLingua was developed in the School of Computing at Queen's University in the context of the Vinci Project, and the teaching and learning materials themselves by various colleagues.

This site contains materials of four sorts:

  1. interactive generation-based language exercises for a variety of languages
  2. online interactive textbooks
  3. shareable learning modules which illustrate various web technologies and natural language generation
  4. details of the software behind VinciLingua and the research based on it, as well as a history of the project

Each may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate button at the top of this page.

See also related pages for more details on: the philosophy behind the project and its implementation and information on how to contact us

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