VinciLingua Project

VinciLingua is a set of teaching and learning materials based on the concepts of exploration and generation. Unlike canned teaching materials, it generates questions and answers in real time. It was developed in the School of Computing at Queen's University.

This site contains materials of three sorts:

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For more information on the philosophy behind the project and its implementation, click here. For information on how to obtain or use our materials or software, or to contact us, click here. Finally, for a fuller history of the project, click here.


VinciLingua is a research tool, not a commercial product. We offer it for private use free of charge in a spirit of sharing and of making the tool available to others who think it might be useful. It must be understood, however, that especially in regard to the VINCI component, we have never had the time or resources to test it thoroughly enough. Though it serves us well, we sometimes encounter errors or even crashes, particularly if the input data departs far enough from what the program expects. We make no claims about its quality and give no warranties. Please accept it for what it is, and use it at your own risk.