ivi Command summary

ADVANCE {int}|{int} Move cursor m lines, n cols
APPEND {file}|{int}|{int} Append disk file to corefile
ASK {digit} Program inquiry feature
AUTOWRAP {digit} Enable/disable autowrap
BEGIN Move cursor to start of corefile
BINARY {string} Outputs a string to the terminal
BYE Leave the editor
CDIRECTORY {string} Change or dislay current directory
CHANGE {s1}|{s2}|{digit} Change all occurrence of s1 to s2
CLEAR Clear current corefile
CORE {digit} Switch to another corefile
DELETE {file} Delete a disk file
DIRECTORY {b|f|t} Show brief or full directory listing or parent directory
DTAB {digit} Enable/disable decimal tab
EDITOR OPTION Sets various editor options
END Move cursor to last line of the file
EVALUATE {string} Evaluate numerical expression
EXPRESSION {string} Set current expression for evaluation
FETCH {file} Fetch disk file to corefile
FIND {digit}|{string} Locate occurrence of string
FONT {int}|{int} Set output table for a character
FUNCTION {digit}|{string} Set function
GENERATE DISPLAY Redraw display screen
GOODBYE Leave the editor
HYPHENS {digit 1-3} Set hyphenation level
INSERT {file} Insert disk file below cursor line of corefile
JOIN {file} Append corefile to disk file
JUSTIFY {digit} Enable/disable justification
KEY {int}|{int} Set an operation on a key
MARGINS {int}|{int} Set left and right margins
MERGE {file} Set short merge template
NAME {file} Set corefile filename
NEWNAME {f1}|{f2} Rename file 'f1' to file 'f2'
OBJECT {digit} Set object/view type
OVERWRITE {file} Replace disk file with corefile
POSITION {int}|{int} Position cursor to row m, column n
PROCEDURE {file} Execute ivi commands from a disk file
RESULT {digit} (for driver program) Place a result on the result stack
RUN {file} Execute a program to "drive" IVI
SAVE {file} Write corefile to diskfile
SCANSET {string} Set search string
SKEY {digit} Set sort of diacritics
SORT {digit}|{int}|{int}|{int} Sort corefile lines or records
SWITCH {digit} Control communication between driver program and ivi
TAB {int} Set tabs every m columns (clear tabs if m = 0)
TEMPLATE {digit|file} Set record or long merge template
TERMINAL {string} Emit string to terminal
UNIX SHELL {string} Execute a UNIX command (or create shell)
UPDATE Make backup copy of file ( BAK) and save
VIEW {digit} Display current editor settings
WINDOW {digit|digit} Set window dimensions in remote terminal

Some further ivi commands are used by the VINCI natural language generation system.

Commands for Line Drawing Editor

These are left here for completeness, but are not activated in the current circulated version of ivi.

ANGLE {int} Set sub-picture rotation angle
SIZE {int} Set scaling factor for sub-picture
STEP {int} Set step size for cursor movement
TRANSLATE {int|int} Enter translation for sub-picture