Vinci Project participants

Michael Levison was the architect of the ivi editor. The names of those who helped him implement the software in C are lost in the mists of time. As a result, our listing of participants begins with the vinci side of the software and related work on linguistic models and data.

Over the period since the mid-1980's, under the direction of Greg Lessard and Michael Levison, the Vinci Project has employed a variety of research participants, including undergraduate students, graduate students, and researchers. In what follows, we provide a list of these, with a brief description of the nature of their participation. The list is in approximate chronological order. Thanks are due to all below. It should be noted that, memories being what they are, this list may have gaps and inaccuracies, for which we apologize. In what follows, CS = Queen's School of Computing, FS = Queen's French Studies Department, OT = other.

Scott HurdCSinitial vinci implementation
Gene GirardCScreated interpreter to call vinci from command line
Don SmithFSwork on French error analysis corpus
Brian TaylorCSwork on vinci attribute formalism
Mike HallettCSimplementation of lexical pointers
Daniel MaherFSwork on French error analysis corpus
Mary LivantFSwork on French lexicon
Ivan TomekFSdevelopment of French grammars
Scott StonessCSwork on syntax trees model
Andy MaloneyCScontinuation of work on syntax, implementation of various system files
Sam ScottCSimplementation of lexical transformations
Madeline ClarkeCSdevelopment of English exercises
Paul HendricksCSfurther work on indirections
Derek WalkerCSinitial work on error analysis mechanisms
Sarah HappéCSfurther work on error analysis
Chris VenourCSwork on generation of humour
Kim KelleyCSfurther work syntax implementation
Matthew DonaldCSwork on formalizing semantic models
Jiro InoueCSconceptual models of generation
Anne-Marie DanielsonCSsubject testing with error analysis routines
Delphine MervenCSsubject testing with error analysis routines
Ben GottesmanCSwork on semantic expressions
Mary LivantFSwork on French lexicon
Lynn BellavanceFSwork on French lexicon
Lucia TrifuFSwork on French lexicon
Draman SamuFSwork on French lexicon
Lorin CardFSwork on French lexicon
Linda WyzlicCSwork on French lexicon
Craig ThomasCSimplementation of audio output routines; further work on error analysis routines, system files, semantic modelling
Mike StringerCSimporting of CUVOALD dictionary; further work on semantic models
Tyler BattleCSsoftware for transforming CUVOALD to vinci style English lexicon; systems work
Mike HollisCSsoftware for transforming CUVOALD to vinci style English lexicon
Sarah ClarkeFSwork on English lexicon
Chantal SabourinFSdevelopment of French lexicon
Alanah McKillenFSwork on English lexicon
Geneviève BriandFSdevelopment of French lexicon
Joyce TamCSwork on English intonation modelling
Kathryn KelleyFSwork on English lexicon
Lauren CampbellFSdevelopment of French lexicon
Marie-Soleil LebrunFSdevelopment of French lexicon
Natalie CorneauFSdevelopment of French lexicon
Sarah NarettoFSdevelopment of French lexicon
Annie RielFSdevelopment of French lexicon
Luke WalkerCSdevelopment of VinciLingua website
Boyang FuCSdevelopment of VinciLingua website
Christiana MergianianOTdevelopment of Romanian exercises
Jonathan ReidOTdevelopment of English exercises
Christène RazafimaharoOTdevelopment of Spanish exercises
Krista ElliottOTdevelopment of English exercises
Natalie PoirierFSdevelopment of French exercises
Chris KeelerCSdevelopment of VinciLingua site; work on language exercises
Brogan ChaputOTdevelopment of DAGs (directed acyclic graphs) for narrative structure
Daniel HuOTwork on phonetic modelling
Mandy JorOTwork on documentation
Hannah GreerCSwork on VinciLingua code
Frédéric OffrediFSwork on French ontology; development of French exercises
Agnès ConacherFSdevelopment of French exercises
Monique DufresneFSdevelopment of French exercises
Michael ReyesFSdevelopment of French exercises
Benjamin CecchettoCSwork on error analysis programs
Sarah-Jane WhittakerCSwork on VinciLingua site and error analysis
Ruth NormanOTwork on Kanyen'kéha grammars
Daniel WooCSwork on VinciLingua site