Finding patterns of words in text

Try to find spatial relations (before and after) among the different colours of elements below. You can show and hide colours to help patterns become more visible.

The U.S. lumber lobby says it now has no choice but to launch trade challenges against Canada now that a one-year standstill period has expired in the cross-border softwood lumber dispute a move that will lead to punitive duties on Canadian forestry exports to the United States . Oct. 12 marks one year since a nine-year-old truce in the perpetual Canada-U.S. softwood conflict ended . The Trudeau government and the Obama administration have failed to sign a successor pact despite months of negotiations . Preliminary duties can be slapped on Canadian softwood shipments to the U.S. six months after the lumber coalition files a complaint of unfair trade with the U.S. Department of Commerce and they can be retroactively applied for up to 90 days while the American government investigates the allegations . Under the last dispute , which ended in 2006 , the U.S. collected $5.3-billion from Canadian forestry firms . The Liberal government and the Obama administration , meanwhile , announced they will keep trying to negotiate a formal truce even though months and months of discussions have failed to yield a solution . While our engagement has yet to produce a new agreement , our governments will continue negotiations though the standstill period has expired , Canadian International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland and United States Trade Representative Michael Froman said in a joint statement .

Source: Globe and Mail, October 12, 2016