VinciLingua: philosophy and overview

  1. What? Our project is designed to explore the use of natural language generation, learner exploration of teaching materials, and adaptive testing in a teaching and learning environment. See more details on what we are doing.
  2. Why? Three reasons: we believe that some aspects of teaching and learning can take place outside the classroom, that learning is facilitated by exploration, and that learning environments should be dynamic and adaptive rather than static. We also believe that academics have a duty to share their knowledge, so the materials on this site are freely available for private use. See more details on why we have adopted this approach.
  3. How? The environment uses natural language generation software (ivi/Vinci), a web environment based on HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS, and various other tools. See more details on how our approach is implemented.
  4. Who? The research described here began over thirty years ago as a collaboration between two researchers with complementary skills: Professor Michael Levison (a computer scientist) and Professor Greg Lessard (a linguist), together with a team of research assistants in the Vinci Lab in the School of Computing at Queen's University in Canada and others, including students and various colleagues. See more details here.