The ivi/vinci software provides linguists with a collection of linguist-friendly metalanguages allowing them to model natural language phenomena and to generate utterances based on their models. Aspects of the metalanguages deal with semantics, syntax and morphology (both inflectional and derivational), as well as lexical relations. For the more technically minded, the system takes the form of a Chomsky Type 2 transformational grammar which gives it more power than, for example, Finite State Machines,and is augmented by, among other things, attributes and conditions, lexical preselections and lexical pointers.

ivi/vinci may also be used to implement generative CALL materials since it can produce parallel trees and analyse learner input at the semantic, syntactic, morphological and phonetic levels.

The ivi/vinci program itself is written in C and has been compiled for a variety of operating systems. We offer it without charge to any researchers who wish to make use of it. Information on how it works and how to use it is provided under the System documentation link below, and downloadable executable code may be obtained under the Downloads link below.

Those pressed for time should a) download the software for their operating system, b) read the basic description of the ivi editor and then c) read the gentle introduction to the Vinci generation commands. Those with more leisure should follow the links below.