Go from the start word to the target word by changing one letter at a time. All intermediate steps must also be words. Words may not be repeated.


Move from the starting word on the left to the target word on the right by changing one letter at a time. Each intermediate step must form a word. Trial words are submitted by hitting the enter key or by clicking on the Check button. If the word you enter matches the target word, it will turn green and you will see the You won! message. If you propose a word that is not in the dictionary, it will turn red, you will see the Illegal word message and you can try again. If you repeat a word you have used before, it will turn orange, you will see the Repeated word message and you can try again.

You can either type words in the entry box or click the Hints on button to see a list of possible words. Clicking on one of these will enter the word. You can return to typing mode by clicking on the Hints off button.

You can see the list of words you have proposed by clicking on the History on button, or hide it again by clicking on the History off button.

The object of the game is to move from the starting word to the target word with as few changes as possible. Since both words are chosen at random, this will sometimes be easy and sometimes difficult. If at some point no more words are available to you, you will see the No more words message and will have to start a new game.

Words are chosen from a preset list. It cannot be guaranteed that all will be found inoffensive. If you are offended by one of the words shown, either click the New game button to get a new one or stop using the game.

Access and privacy:
This game is free for non-commercial use. There are no ads. The game uses no cookies and does not store any information about you. You may download it from your browser and run it offline. There are currently versions for English and French and for words of three and four letters. Feel free to edit the dictionary component for use in other languages or with other word lengths. If you modify it or distribute it, please ensure that the original authorship is recognized.

The game was built by me using JavaScript, html and css. Dictionaries are based on wordlists found at and subsequently edited for the purposes of the game.

© 2023, Greg Lessard