Exploratory activities

The following activites illustrate use of web technologies (html, css, JavaScript) to allow learners to explore new concepts or practice learned ones. Some use pure JavaScript, others use JavaScript libraries like JQuery. Examples are in both French and English. Actions include choosing among options, clicking or hovering to show elements or play sounds, dragging/dropping to classify or construct elements, to remove elements, or to reorder them. The following list is dynamic as items are changed or modified.

Drag modifiers to enrich the skeleton of a sentence

Find cognates
Click on words in a paragraph to select French words with English cognates

Click to select word that names the object shown

Drag the image of the named object to its proper destination

Click to select grammatical status of sentence

Parties du discours
Click to find elements for each part of speech

Click to find hidden punctuation characters in a text (English)

Click to find hidden punctuation characters in a text (French)

Drag and drop and retype to edit a text containing errors (French)

Part of speech colours
Manipulate differences in colours to find part of speech patterns in text (English)

Parts of speech search
Search for different parts of speech in a text (English)

Éléments facultatifs
Drag and drop to remove optional elements from a sentence (French)